From our first meeting with Maryam in the Summer, which you can read about here, we knew this girl was going to be one to watch. We were really excited when she came to us with the idea of partnering up for the first launch of her fashion brand Rella, which celebrates the talent of young designers and artists in the UK.

Myself and Maryam took a trip to The Book Club in September, and straight away fell in love with the space. The guys there were really helpful and were keen to be the hosts for this unique event.

Then came the fun bit, choosing artists to join Maryam and Rella to celebrate underground talent that were 'Undeniably London's best kept secrets.'

From the awesome collaborations we had already done at, I had some names in my head that I knew would fit well with the brand and deserved to get their work out there, so after I sent over a list of talented names, I'm really happy that these guys worked just perfectly together.


The Artists

Joe Earley, a friend and a friend of mine, was always going to be in the mix. A recent grad from UCA Rochester, he was exhibiting work from his latest project 'Any which way' and it was awesome to see him and his work at The Book club.

Next was Annu Kilpeläinen, an illustrator from Finland who is now based in London. She popped into the HQ in the summer to say hello and I have to say her work looked stunning as it bounced out of the brick walls. So vibrant and colourful, it brought a bit of warmth back to what was a pretty rainy dark day outside.

A close friend of mine to be involved in the exhibition was Joanna Bucur, whose work I've been a massive fan of for a long time. She created some beautiful pieces, amongst a very personal 'R' especially for the event. Always up for experimenting with her style and pushing herself, this has to be some of my favourite work of hers so far.

Also exhibiting was Norwich based illustrator and artist Guy Jarrett. Strongly influenced by American culture and urban environment, Guy's work was displayed within the furniture that surrounded the space. It was that unique illustration at the bar that caught your eye, or the framed art work placed on the stools and chairs.

Last but not least, Rella welcomed some newer faces too with work by Kristina Gedris, an illustrator and visual artist based in London. Currently studying fashion illustration at LCF, Kristina's work was truly stunning. Her delicate sketches really complimented the work around her and it was really cool to see her stuff on the walls from previously meeting her last year.

A big thanks to all involved, always takes a lot of people to come together and make this happen so you guys know who you are and we're feeling proud! Also a big thanks to Maryam for being so passionate and proving to be a huge inspiration to us at!

To check out the new range at Rella and see more inspiring collaborations then check it out here: