You know it’s funny what’s happening to us. Our lives have become digital, our friends now virtual and everything you could ever want to know is just a click away.

Experiencing the world through endless second hand information isn’t enough, if we want authenticity we have to initiate it.

- Travis Rice "The Art of Flight"


We're waging a war on missed opportunities by building a network of the most inspiring and talented people, around the things you're most passionate about.

Starting in the UK we're hooking this network up with the most forward-thinking businesses and organisations and offering them the opportunity to collaborate and create alongside each other, all the while documenting the outcome to inspire others.

United we stand against the convention that forces creativity and commerce into separate corners of the ring. The outcome?

Life-enhancing, learning experiences for the brightest new minds in photography, fashion, music, art, production and design

and a way for businesses to share their story with the audiences who will appreciate them the most.

Don’t worry, isn’t another competition or folio-site; it's a network… with a twist. We’re determined to empower and support the right people to create and share their stories with the world.

Eventually we want to do this for all peoples’ interests but for now we’re focused on helping emerging talent in creative industries write the next chapter of their story.


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We’re currently creating small collectives of people within the same creative industries and watching what happens when they create together.

Imagine having a network you can rely on when you’re struggling to find someone to collaborate with, or if you just want people you respect to critique your work before sending it to a client.

It doesn’t stop there.

Individuals use to help each other within their collectives but whole collectives can work together too.

We want to make it easy and enjoyable for you to share, discuss, collaborate, create and educate others.


Being a creative can make you feel like your life is 10% productive work time and 90% banging your head against a brick wall.

That’s often due to a simple lack of access to the right opportunities and resources. believes this should be flipped to 90% indulging your creative passion and 10% sharing just how goddamn amazing it is with others.

We work with brands and organisations to create unique opportunities that will help you achieve this.

By opportunities, we don’t mean jobs, we mean passion projects. Things you are so excited about being a part of that you will pull out all the stops and happily give up your time for.

An opportunity could be working with Canon to re-imagine catwalk photography, or being hauled up in a cabin with world renowned authors to create something truly mesmerising. It could be a 24hr challenge to re-make a promo for Fox film, or simply accessing a photo shoot where we've organised the models, the stylists, an inspiring location and the exhibition for your work.

The way we see opportunities is; challenging and enabling you to create a story that you want to share, but couldn’t realise alone.


So, if brings the talent, hook-ups and the opportunities, it’s down to you to craft the stories.

This is where it gets really exciting.

Our magazine and events are there to showcase what you create as a result of our network - in your words, ours or those of other story-tellers we come across along the way.

We are creating a beautiful experience for those who want to consume those stories – but also giving your work the platform that it deserves

These stories will become your inspiration: interviews, project insights, peeks behind-the-scenes, features by guest writers - all presented in a beautiful way.

Get inspired by those around you. Discover others who share your passion. Put your hand up and get involved.


So there you go. We give you the characters, the pen and the paper; all we need is your story. We can’t wait to share it with the world.